TROYSOUND is a St. Louis based, independent recording label featuring underground jazz musicians. We will build this small company around talented musicians to record, promote and publish their work free from the pressure of the oversize, profitable, uncompromising commercial music industry.

TROYSOUND will not be mainstream, but will have a loud voice and pivotal role in the mid-west entertainment productiveness. After interviews, surveys and being a constant conduit to the live music scene, we recognize the need to fill the void for a more artist friendly conscience recording company.

TROYSOUND will embrace the creativity of its artists, collectively apply their ideas, and motivate original compositions with guidance, management, and further development of their musical careers. We will be dedicated to developing original and unique work outside established parameters to produce a quality recording.

TROYSOUND had discovered an untapped niche in the music industry. All music performed and produced by our artist will be recorded live, uncut, and raw. In addition, the audience presence will add a touch of realism that creates "perfect music". We believe the sound of people applauding and appreciating musicians performing live is an added effect.

TROYSOUND'S main goals are to promote its own artists, market its recordings, and secure a recording budget. By doing this we will aim to build a targeted clientele from various shows and different social promotions. Moreover, creative promotion tactics, reliable media connection, and the most elite public relations, TROYSOUND will generate a clientele for its main purpose of building a following of great music aficionados who have a love for raw local talent.