WE will finance all our projects, promotional items, marketing and production materials, equipment and related artist needs at 100%. Producing its own music with a certain distinctive sound different from other record labels. Creating a unique musical sound by using beat machines, musicians, and DJ's. As a for profit production company, TS will offer creative production services to the public and to other production companies, music labels, musicians, and major distributors.

Recording Services/On site projects:

Rendering client's material exclusively, in accordance with the terms and conditions contracted. In connection with the "master recording", the following matters shall be determined by TS after consulting with you:

1. Selection of additional producer(s).

2. Selection of material to be recorded (including the number of compositions).

3. Selection of dates of recording and studio time to take place.

Sound Engineers/Technicians:

We will provide this service for live, studio, or acoustic recordings. Music, video, film, or DVD recorded music will be provided to the engineering services for client's set budget. TS will provide adequate instruments for any job, well-trained sound technicians, and deliver a quality packed sound product. TS is not a rental company.

Represent Artist/Management:

TS management division will seek fees of 12%-20% of contracted monies for artist development, promoting its artist performances, marketing artist recordings and securing engagements. We will assist in negotiations of distribution deals, and maintaining management duties until contract expires. TS in not interested in representing other artist if not under TS development team. This feature is a small percentage of TS total plan, but will be an important tool in the St. Louis local scene explained in the next section of this presentation.


Our main goal for the St. Louis market will be to build a set clientele built from various shows and different social promotions. With creative promotion tactics, reliable media connection, and great people skills, TS will generate a clientele for its main purpose of building followers.

Local Shows:
TS will promote its jazz artists and jazz groups in a concert-like atmosphere on a consistent basis. This showcase will create two attractions for St. Louis jazz aficionados. First, this platform will allow local jazz groups to perform together for larger crowds away from the smoky bar rooms that deter some consumers. Second, this platform generates a high expectation of good jazz from all jazz genres at an affordable price. Along with a great jazz line up, TS will incorporate well-known radio and TV personalities to add to the crowd attendance.

If this jazz platform does well, we plan to do the same for poetry, and local well-known DJ’s. There will be three shows in one month from our label, not counting other promotions we plan for St. Louis.

National Recording Artist:
TS would team up with out-of-state promoters, major recording labels, or other entertainment managers to assists in bookings in the St. Louis area. Our objective would be to form a relationship with a company that will lead to larger events throughout the Midwest.This could also include book signings, guest speakers, movie openings, CD release parties, etc.

This could also lead to larger concerts, festivals, and street parties in St. Louis.

Social Promotions:

After TS has built its clientele, TS would like to introduce different types of social promotions. For example, we will promote trips, cruises, wine tastings, dinners, etc.

Music will not be the centerpiece of these outings, but rather social networking will be the main focus.

Event Planning:

TS will advertise as a company that plans and promotes parties.


Yearly memberships will be offered that will provide members with discounts on all TS events, trips, and merchandise.


CD's, videos, tapes, and TS paraphernalia will be sold at all TS events.


The owner of TS also own his newest project TROY'S JAZZ GALLERY that will serve as a venue for showcasing artists and promoting events. He will also use his other establishments to promote TS (The Bistro, The Pageant and 360). This will allow TS to save money and increase visibility.


TS will seek corporate sponsors (liquor, food, related markets and apparel companies) to defray some of the expenses involved in promoting events.